CT Sheep & Wool

Published April 25, 2010 by kazkitty

Yesterday was completely awesome.

Went to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival with Jacie and Tracy. We saw a whole bunch of the SnB peeps there, bought yummy yarns and fibers, and petted floofy bunnies.

The barns held lots of vendors, with tons of drool-worthy merchandise. One of the first booths we stopped at had some super fluffy batts that were extremely well carded and squooshy. I think it was Spin a Bit

Jacie finds some awesome batts

Tracy with the first purchase of the day

We wandered around poking at everything and bought more goodies from the Dye Dreams booth.

Merino/Cashmere sock yarn? Yes, please!

I passed up buying these cute bags last year. Something told me that I *needed* to have it this time.

Knitting needles and skulls!

We stopped and chatted with the bobbin lace ladies. I saw them last year and had asked them tons of questions and watched them work for at least half an hour. Of course that didn’t stop me from being interested this year. It’s so fascinating to watch them work and make delicate lace trims from thread. I do NOT need a new hobby though!

Hard at work...

So many bobbins!

Hand-painted bobbins

So pretty!

We also saw fuzzy fiber animals.. but only got to pet the bunnies. I wanted to steal one and take it home, but Jacie said no. *sad face* Edwin and Delilah would probably not appreciate a new friend.

Is it a goat or a sheep?

Stop looking at me.

O hai!


Lambs ❤

And Tracy bought her first spindle!

Welcome to the dark side.

We wandered over to the sheepdog trials so Jacie could give Tracy a spinning lesson.

Go get those sheep!

Spinning lessons

We have yarn!

And I watched and took pictures of the lovely things that are now added to my stash.

Gorgeous Kundert spindle from The Wheel Thing.

Maple/Wenge/Zebrawood 1.6 oz

Merino/Cashmere undyed fiber.. sooo soft!

Merino/Tencel fiber in the Bermuda and Seafoam colorways.

Sheep Shed goodies!

Silk from Touch of Twist.

Silk and silk caps

And my extra special purchase.. hand dyed cashmere yarn! If I hadn’t found the red, I could have talked myself out of it.. but when you come across hand dyed cashmere.. at $38 for 400yds.. you really can’t pass that up. I have to really hunt for the perfect project. I’m thinking a lace scarf or shawl.

Red + cashmere = ❤

It was such a fun day! I can’t wait for Rhinebeck. ❤


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