French Toast, Mimosas, and Shoes

Published May 23, 2010 by kazkitty

Lookit a blog post!  Jacie and Alison can stop yelling at me now. 😉

So today was a lot of fun! Went to Kris’ place for a super yummy brunch this morning. She was an amazing hostess and made the most awesome creme brulee french toast ever. And there was bacon. From Vermont. Also yummy. And Alison brought fruit salad consisting of kiwi, strawberries, and pineapple… three of my fav fruit. I can’t even remember the last time I had kiwi… And mimosas! Which I, being obviously deprived, have never had before. They were delicious and I think I need to start adding that to a sunday breakfast routine. 😉

Best brunch ever!

We hung out and knitted, chatted, and harassed the kitties, then went to the New Britain Museum of American Art to see the Ruthie Davis shoe exhibit.

There were a lot of cool exhibits and paintings. One of the first things you couldn’t help but notice, was a colorful wall of plastic cups. Totally awesome.. I want to do that to my room.. except the cats and bunnies would probably eat it! lol

Kris and Alison check out the wall of awesome.

There was also some nifty contemporary art pieces made from pencil and carved out of pencils.

Raaaaaawr! Monster made from pencils! (I think it was titled "Naiad")

Each pencil had a letter of the alphabet carved into the lead at the tip.

And lots of paintings and sculptures to check out.

The girls have a discussion.

Pretty glass sculpture.

But of course we went mostly for the shoes.

My fav... Kitty shoe!

Definitely a fun, awesome day.


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