Published June 8, 2010 by kazkitty

I love my weekends. Usually they exist to give me time to relax, catch up on knitting, and try not to think about work, Lately, I’ve been hanging out with the grrrls (Jacie, Allison, and Kris) and it’s been awesome. Last weekend was Polish food and Sex and the City 2, this weekend was Met’s Stitch n Pitch and Bacon Cheese and Chocolate Potluck. I have amazing friends. 🙂

Sat. we went to the Met’s game at their new stadium.

I drove.

We got lost.

More than once.

GPS hates us. Hahaha…

We stopped for lunch on the way there at a steakhouse that Allison found online (because she is awesome and finds us food ahead of time -with directions! yay!)

Prime rib sandwich with sweet potato fries *drooool*

I wish I had a steakhouse like that one where I live.

We then attempted to get to the stadium, and after a short.. detour, found it and got our tickets and free duffel bags.

Jacie and Allison nab the tickets

Aaron waits for tickets

We found where we needed to go and got a little Stitch n Pitch tote bag and yarn and a crochet hook. Why? Because we were going to participate in the Guinness book of World Records attempt at the most people crocheting in one place or something. 😀 It was a success with 427 people crocheting for 15 mins! Deborah Norville was there, as well as Lily Chin (in a knitted Met’s uniform!) and Stacy Charles (who knew Stacy Charles was a MAN?).

3..2..1.. crochet!

I made a flower.. thing....

We then got to find our actual seats and enjoy the game. To which the Mets won over the Marlins 6-1. Yay!

"Big Apple"

Gooooo Mets!

Free bags!

Yesterday was Bacon, Cheese, and Chocolate potluck at Jeff and Kristen’s. I missed out on the first one in Jan.. I had to work. It was a lot of fun and there was tons of yummy food to eat. My fav was Dr. Al’s Car Bomb Cupcakes. Cupcakes with guinness, whiskey, and bailey’s? Yes, please!

Mark was there with my shiny new coffee burl spindle and I may or may not have bought the extra rosewood one that was homeless (pictures next blog post!) And Kris sold some fiber she just happened to have with her (I am not allowed to buy any, I am stashing down!).

Next weekend is Knit in Public day. We will be at Bushnell Park from 10-2. Allison says there is a carousel 😀


3 comments on “Weekends

  • You were not suppose to buy fiber… BAD Jenni.

    Weekends with Allison as party planner are always fun. You guys are going to be bored when I move.

    And yes… YAY Carousel!!!!

    • I didn’t buy fiber! Just spindles. The corgi hill doesn’t count!

      We are going to be lost without you as event planner… Just sitting around staring at each other knitting. 

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