Tour de Fleece

Published July 3, 2010 by kazkitty

It’s that time of year again!

And I will NOT fail this year like the two previous years. I have friends spinning for the tour as well this year, so that will be very helpful to keeping me on track.

I have joined two teams this year: Team Monkey Farts and Team Tail Chasers.

Team Monkey Farts is for those that want to spin Spunky Eclectic and Southern Cross Fibers. Seeing as I have a very large Spunky stash I need to get through, I thought this would be a good team for me. Plus there’s prizes!

Team Tail Chasers is for those spinning on Two Tails spindles. I will be spinning my Corgi Hill fiber on all three of my spindles. Theres also a Corgi Hill Farm spin-a-long for prizes as well.

The TDF fiber selection.

My goal for this year is to actually spin every day. And to spin all of the batt and fiber bites from Corgi Hill. Also to spin at least half of the Silver Surf  bunny silk and at least one of the two Random Wine batts. From the Spunky stash, I want to finish spinning the Selfish shetland fiber that is 1/3 completed and to hopefully start spinning Istanbul which is South African Fine fiber.

It’s a lot of fiber to spin in only 3 weeks, but I really need to start getting through my fiber stash.

Be on the lookout for progress pics! 😀


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