Ten on Tuesday

Published July 20, 2010 by kazkitty

This week:  10 Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

I’m not much of a camper, but it is fun.. even if the bugs eat you alive. 😉

1. A tent. I don’t know about you, but I’m not about to sleep where wild animals can crawl on my face at night.

2. Sleeping bag. Totally not going to sleep on the ground… brrrrr

3. Tools Kit: including a rake, matches, small hatchet, knife, rope and mallet

4. Bug Spray. This is super important. Make sure to spray before you get dressed as well as after. Those bugs will bite you EVERYWHERE.

5. First Aid Kit. Just in case. And especially if you’re camping with someone who is klutzy, like me.

6. Food and water. Important: BRING STUFF FOR SMORES. It’s not camping if there isn’t melty marshmallowy, chocolatey and graham crackery goodness to nosh.

7. Toiletries: baby wipes, hand sanitizer, deodorant, etc.

8. Few extra clothes and an extra pair of sneakers or sandals.

9. Random things that you should bring but are likely to forget: garbage bags, toilet paper, and small camping cookware.

10. Last, but not least, knitting! Pick a project that is easy to wash and small.


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