Connecticut Wine Festival

Published July 31, 2010 by kazkitty

This weekend is the 2nd Annual CT Wine Festival.

We randomly saw the sign for this on the way to the farmer’s market last week and of course knew that this would be a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, Jacie and Tracy were unable to join Kris and I, and we missed them!

There was LOTS of yummy wines and food to sample, music, and more yummy food for lunch, and we had a really good time.

It was only $25 to get in, which was not unreasonable, and that also got you a wine tote and a tasting glass.

Yay stuff!

We sampled pretty much everything, then went back to make some purchases.

I ended up purchasing 2 bottles at the festival (I missed out on the Chocolate Raspberry at the Land of Nod booth.. the sold out! *cry*)

Autum Spice and Honey Peach Melba Wines

The Autumn Spice from DiGrazia Vineyards is fantastic. It just reminds me of fall and thanksgiving. ‘m definitely going to save this bottle until then. The Honey Peach Melba was from Bishop’s Orchards and was nice and light, with a hint of sweetness.

We also got dollar off coupons from Sunset Meadow Vineyards, which was right up the road, so we over to check it out after we left the festival. We sampled 5 different wines and a wine slushie made from their Merlot. We both bought the Blustery Blend, which is a nice white wine, really refreshing and perfect for summer.

And we got a wineglass with the sampling!

They also gave us a passport for the CT Wine Trail. Apparently if you get 16 stamps from different wineries before Nov 1, you can enter it into a drawing for a vacation.

Guess we need to go check out the wine trail!

I definitely want to go to this again next year! Right now, I can’t wait to open up those bottles.



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