Ten on Tuesday

Published August 3, 2010 by kazkitty

This week’s topic: 10 Things To Bring on Vacation

Man, I wish I had a vacation coming up….

1. A good suitcase. Preferably one that is easily identifiable so as not to get lost at the airport, and roomy enough to bring back extra stuff. And sturdy.

2. Clothes. Not just the ones you think you need, but some extra tops, pants, undies, etc.. and something nice just in case you go out.

3. Camera. I’m a photo junkie and I tend to take LOTS of pictures when I go on vacation. (maybe it’s the asian in me, I dunno) I think I would blow a gasket if I forgot the camera. 😉

4. Extra money.

5. Knitting, of course. Be sure to take a project that is small enough to take with you places, and a different one for when you are in your room relaxing. Nothing too complicated.

6. My bookreader. Normally I would say a book, but I am completely in love with my bookreader and I love the fact that I can have a lot of different titles available to me at once. Last time I went on vacation, I read my entire book on the flight there and had nothing else. FAIL.

7. Different shoes. At least a pair of sneakers, heels, and sandals. Extra something if you can fit it in the suitcase.

8. Phone. I don’t really like to take my phone with me.. when I’m on vacation, I really don’t want to think about home, or work, or anything but relaxing.. but I need to call the ‘rents and let them know I made it alive. And it’s handy if you’re stuck somewhere or need info. Or if you reeeaaaally just need to check facebook while you’re away. I happen to enjoy the no internet aspect of vacation though.

9. A game plan. I like to look at different things in the area and try to plan some places I want to see, and some activities I want to do. Lying on the beach all day is awesome, but you gotta know where the good food places are!

10. Friends! Vacation by yourself is boooooring! (although sometimes I want to go away for a week and not talk to ANYBODY…. but I’d miss everyone after about a day.)


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