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Stitch ‘n Pitch

Published September 22, 2010 by kazkitty

Little behind on the blogging (as usual), but I’ve been busy! People to see, fiber to spin, yarn to knit… you know the drill.

Two sundays ago was Stitch n Pitch in Bridgeport. Our fav doctor from WV came to visit and joined Jacie, Kris and I to the baseball and yarny fun.

Yay Bluefish!

Too bad the Bluefish kinda sucked...

There were knitters galore…

Knitters everywhere!

My 4oz Challenge hat.

And we got a visit from the mascot…

That's a big fish!

There was also a raffle for some nifty sweater kits and some yummy Malabrigo… and every attendee received a little goodie bag!

Who doesn't like free stuff?

That awesome looking green and purple yarn is Mmmmmalabrigo! Also a cute pattern book of kids’ sweaters, and some novelty yarn(which will be re-homed as I have no use for it), some free patterns, sample of soak, and little knitting card were in the bag.

It was freezing and we left a little early, but stopped at Jacie’s to feed the itty bitty kitties, then went to Hank and Heidi’s for a superb dinner.

Dinner time!

Ended the day with carrot cake and smores, good friends and booze.. what could be better?

mmmm... smores...


Happy Labor Day!

Published September 6, 2010 by kazkitty

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weekend! I know I sure did!

Saturday was a trip up to Deerfield and Northampton with the grrls. We went to the ginormous Yankee Candle store, had a yummy lunch at Fitzwillies, and went to Webs and the Webs bead store.

I, as usual, forgot my camera… so I’ll have to wait for Jacie and Kris to blog so I can steal some pics.

I had never been to Yankee Candle before, and I’ll admit, I was a little confused when they handed us a map when we got there. I was the first one to get lost though, so I guess I see the necessity of a map. Its absolutely ENORMOUS. I was definitely not expecting that. There were all these adorable little themed rooms, and tons of stuff to look at and of course buy. I ended up purchasing a medium jar candle that smells like delicious mocha coffee, two little votives, a reed diffuser for the bathroom, and a cute little jar shaped lip balm.

Webs was fun as always. I had wanted to find yarn to make the Leyfi sweater by Romi Hill, but it calls for two different yarns held double and that would have been too expensive. I decided to look for a bulky yarn with the same gauge, but didn’t really find anything that I liked that was affordable. I think I’m going to wait for the Malabrigo Rios and see if that would work. I ended up buying a skein of Filatura di Crosa laceweight to make a Geodesic Cardi, 2 skeins of Malabrigo Twist, and a skein of Araucania Trauco. I didn’t spend TOO much and I’m happy with what I bought… actually I can’t wait to start knitting with them. Especially the Mal.. it’s just sooooo soft.

I know I’ve been a slacker with the blogging, and I have some other stuff to show off and write about, so hopefully I’ll get some of that done this week.