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O hai!

Published October 23, 2010 by kazkitty

I exist, really I do! I’m just being lazy with the blogging… again. Before Jacie hunts me down and shackles me to the computer, I better get something written… so I’m going to jam a whole bunch of hoopla from the past few weeks into this one post. Sound good? Ok, here we go!

First, we’re going to go back about a month.. to when the knitters hit the Big City.

Waiting for the train in New Haven.

I went with Jacie, Kris, and Emilee. The goal was to go to School Products, Habu, eat yummy food, take pics of Jacie’s awesome shawls, and have a good time.

Walkin through the city

So excited!

We found School Products first. Apparently it’s the place to go for seriously awesome cashmere. Who knew?

School Products.. yay!

Checking out the yarny goodies.

Ooooo shiny.. I mean, soft!

I found an awesome giant cone of wool and some pretty cashmere.

Next we wandered off and found a cute little place called Meli Melo to have lunch at. We saw the price fixe menu and thought it would be ok.. we had no idea just how tasty it would be!

So cute.


Jacie and Emilee got this yummy tomato and mozzarella appetizer.

I had some amazing chicken.

Emilee and Kris had cheesecake for dessert.

While Jacie and I had some fantastic chocolate and white chocolate mousse cake.

The grrls. 😀

Next stop was Habu!

Silk, steel and paper, o my!

Digging deep for the good stuff.

Checking out the crazy silk.

Central Park was our next destination.

Waiting for me to catch up. I have little legs!

Relaxing in the park with some knitting.

Kris catches some turtles napping in the sun.

We did a little photo shoot of Jacie’s two shawls in her new pattern, Valeria (rav link), that she designed for the 4!Oz!Challenge!

Then it was back to Grand Central. We relaxed in one of the bars while waiting for the train home. It was a great day!

Grand Central

It's good to sit down!

Fun day, but exhausting!

And here’s the goodies that I picked up on our little adventure…

Cone of silk and two little skeins of cashmere from Habu, and a skein of cashmere from School Products.

You still with me? Next up is Fiber Twist!

I went with Tracy and got to see Jacie and Kris there, as they were manning the Painted Sheep booth.

Painted Sheep!

There were a lot of vendors…

Tents everywhere!

And yummy food!

No shrooms, but I had a delicious burrito!

Tracy and I wandered around, looking at all the different vendors at the market, and petted the various livestock that was present.

So fluffy!

Hi Tracy!

Why aren't you petting me?

There was even a goat on a leash!

I’m not biased or anything.. but The Painted Sheep booth definitely had the best stuff.

Pretty fiber and spindles.

Jacie did a great job of giving spinning lessons on Mark’s spindles.

Watch and learn, grasshopper.

I, of course, could not resist buying a little something to take home.

Silky merino/tencel roving.

Lovely sock yarn from Mocha's Fiber Connection

Gorgeous Two Tails Padauk spindle and Jobillo orifice hook.

Still here? Cause I’ve got more!

I completed my 4!Oz! Challenge! project in time to submit it. It was totally last minute, but I did it!

And here it is in all it’s finished glory: Jesse’s Hat (rav link).

That band was a challenge to figure out!

This is Jesse, who the hat is named for...

She was a great model, but tried to steal the hat!

Clearly, its been a while since I’ve posted, and the winners for the challenge have already been announced. I did not win, which I wasn’t expecting anyways. I was hoping for a random prize, but no dice. Jacie won a random prize though and I can’t wait to stalk her and ogle her pretty fibers when she gets them. Heehee. It was a gyp though. She totally should have won. Again, I’m not biased I swear!

Also on the FO front, I have the Leyfi Pullover by Romi Hill.

Yay, Rhinebeck sweater!

On a whim, I decided to try and complete a sweater for Rhinebeck.. 3 weeks before it came. I have no idea how I managed to finish it in time. I knit like a fiend though! I used the lovely cone of wool from School Products, and it bloomed into a soft, snuggle garment. I’m so pleased with this, and I feel like its going to end up being my go to sweater this winter.

This post long enough for ya yet? I’m ending it here.. for now.. next post will be about Rhinebeck!


Ten on Tuesday

Published October 5, 2010 by kazkitty

This week’s topic: 10 things to love about fall. 

I’ve never really been a fall person.. I’ve always loved the heat and long days of Summer, and the flowers and warmer weather of Spring. Winter and Fall, with the shorter days and cold weather has never appealed to me before.

Lately, Fall is slowly starting to outshine spring and summer for me. The more I think about it, the more I realize just how much I do like fall.

1. I love the changing of the leaves. Fall colors of red, orange, and gold are just so pretty.

2. Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday centered around food. ’nuff said.

3. Halloween. A day where you get to dress up and get free candy? Who doesn’t like that?

4. Pumpkins! Not only is it fun to carve them for Halloween, but they are also quite delicious.

5. Apples! Again, they’re a yummy food, and since I’m allergic and can’t eat them raw, Fall is the time of year when I get to enjoy them in baked and cidered forms. Apple pie any other season just doesn’t taste right.

6. When it starts getting chilly, it’s the perfect time to bring out the box of hand knits and enjoy those cosy sweaters again.

7. This is also a great season to start working on more cosy sweaters and things. I don’t know about you, but knitting a sweater out of wool in the summer heat is not my cup of tea.

8. Speaking of tea, I love that I can switch back to drinking hot teas again now the weather has cooled down.

9. Fall activities like apple picking, corn mazes, and haunted houses.

10. Festivals! Rhinebeck, Fiber Twist, Stitches, the Big E… So many awesome events to attend and things to buy!