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Wordless Wednesday

Published July 27, 2011 by kazkitty



TDF… and more jam

Published July 25, 2011 by kazkitty

So Tour de Fleece has come and gone again… so quickly! I failed at participating this year. I really only spun consistantly throughout the first week.. then sporadically for the rest of the tour. The weather here became hot and humid fairly fast, and we don’t have a/c at home. Just looking at fiber made me cringe.

I did complete the finn/milk fiber, and ended up with appx 215 yds of 2ply laceweight. Not sure what it wants to be yet.. maybe a cowl? I also spun up some of the CHF Forest Kitten batts on the Traveller, as well as the cashmere/silk and the silk on the support spindles. I even tried to make fauxlags to spin from!

TDF progress

At some point I will finish the batts and clear the wheel… as for the support spindles, I think I’m going to wind off and ply what I’ve done for sampling, and try to spin something else on them. I think the silk was just too long of a staple for me to attempt at this stage on the support spindle, and the cashmere/silk had too great a difference in the staple length within the blend for me to draft well. I should probably play with something easier to practice and learn with.

Yesterday was another trip to the Coventry Farmer’s Market. Kris asked me the other day if I wanted to make blueberry jam… my answer.. “heck yes!”

We bought some delicious and lovely blueberries at the market.

Then boiled them down with sugar and sure-jell for yummy jam.

We managed to fill the jars with minimal spillage!

Then relaxed with some knitting while it cooled. Gizmo however, didn't want to let me knit.

Final product ready for consumption!


Another fun project that yielded tasty results!

I had some this morning for breakfast on english muffin toast, and it was fantastic! Next jamming session will be hot pepper relish. πŸ˜€

Farmer’s Market and Strawberry Jam

Published July 10, 2011 by kazkitty

On Sundays. I’ve been going to the Farmer’s Market in Coventry with Kris. It’s something I really look forward to each week… there’s so much stuff to see,Β  fresh veggies and food to buy, and yummy food carts to grab lunch. Last Sunday we bought a ton of strawberries to make jam, which I had never done before. It was fun to do, and as usual, I love learning new things.Β  And the jam was delicious and perfect for the english muffin bread I’ve been buying at the market.


Pretty berries.


Gizmo says, "No way I'm getting involved!"


Thumper says, "I get to supervise!"


Hulling and smashing berries.


14 cups of sugar?!


Jars waiting to be filled.


Cooking the berries and relaxing with wine. πŸ˜€


Filling the jars...


Yummy, yummy jam. ❀


That day Meadow Point Studios was there with some really beautiful pieces of pottery. I tried to resist, but Kris found a yarn bowl on the seconds table that I fell in love with. And then I figured since I was purchasing the yarn bowl, I might as well throw in the teacup I was ogling (to be used as a support spindle bowl). I want to get a couple of her berry cup and saucer sets.. they’re so adorable and ingenious!

Teacup and yarn bowl!


This sunday I didn’t come home with too much.. some blueberries, raspberries, cucumber, peppers, and more english muffin bread… but Kris and I walked over to the little park near her house afterwards to hang out and knit/spin. It was such a perfect day to be outside… nice and sunny, low humidity.. I wish all summer days could be like this one!

Kris trying to get dragonfly pictures... those suckers are fast!


Pretty liitle park. πŸ™‚


Plied finn/milk singles on the Tulipwood Bosworth Mini.


On the spinning front, Tour de Fleece continues.. I’ve been making good progress so far and actually spinning every day.

On the knitting front… not too much going on… I probably won’t make too much of an effort to get anything new started until TdF is over.. too much spinning to do!


Cheap Wine and Chinese

Published July 4, 2011 by kazkitty

Every once in a while the grrls andΒ  I get together for a cheap wine and chinese night. We bring cheap (but delicious) bottles of wine, and order from Great Taste (which has the BEST chinese food ever!)

Sat night it was Jacie, Tracy, Kris and I.. and apparently we ordered just a little bit too much food…

They gave us a box for all the food...

So much deliciousness!

Yummy wine, awesome food, and spinning.. what could be better?

I made and brought along a cake that I decorated for Tour de Fleece, since it started on Saturday. Kris and I were the only ones participating this year, but who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

Spinning sheep! XD

I managed to spin a little bit of the finn/milk blend fiber, and I finished knitting baby socks for Iveta.

So teeny...

I’m hoping to catch up on the spinning front a little more over the next couple of days since I’m off from work… didn’t get too much done yesterday, but there was jam making with Kris! (see next post for that)


Tour de Fleece 2011

Published July 2, 2011 by kazkitty

Well, looks like it’s that time of year again!

I love Tour de Fleece. It’s great motivation to spin down my stash (which really needs it this year!), and it’s fun to participate on different teams. Of course there’s always a chance at winning prizes too, which rocks. πŸ˜€

This year, I’m not going to set too large of a goal (hopefully).Β Β  I’m participating on Team Corgi (Corgi Hill Farms) and Team Support Spindles. I’m hoping this will enable me to 1. Spin more of the lovely Corgi Hill fiber I’ve been hoarding, and 2. Help motivate me to play with my support spindles more.

What I have set aside for my goal this year is this:

From left to right:

Β 4oz Corgi Hill batts in Forest Kitten (made from merino/camel/silk) – to be spun on the Two Tails Walnut spindle

.5 oz eXtreme Spinning Finn/Milk fiber (appx .5 oz already spun, just need to finish this)- being spun on the Jenkins Pinky Ivory Turkish Delight spindle

1oz Corgi Hill Silk Brick in Persimmon (I have more of this, just don’t want to do too much!) – to be spun on the Houndesign Little Twister spindle

1oz Corgi Hill Cashmere/Silk in Persimmon – to be spun on the Spanish Peacock Ebony Russian spindle

I haven’t decided yet if I want to pull out another set of batts or fiber to spin on one of the wheels yet.. but I might. I can’t wait to get started!

Happy spinning!