Cheap Wine and Chinese

Published July 4, 2011 by kazkitty

Every once in a while the grrls and  I get together for a cheap wine and chinese night. We bring cheap (but delicious) bottles of wine, and order from Great Taste (which has the BEST chinese food ever!)

Sat night it was Jacie, Tracy, Kris and I.. and apparently we ordered just a little bit too much food…

They gave us a box for all the food...

So much deliciousness!

Yummy wine, awesome food, and spinning.. what could be better?

I made and brought along a cake that I decorated for Tour de Fleece, since it started on Saturday. Kris and I were the only ones participating this year, but who doesn’t like chocolate cake?

Spinning sheep! XD

I managed to spin a little bit of the finn/milk blend fiber, and I finished knitting baby socks for Iveta.

So teeny...

I’m hoping to catch up on the spinning front a little more over the next couple of days since I’m off from work… didn’t get too much done yesterday, but there was jam making with Kris! (see next post for that)



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