TDF… and more jam

Published July 25, 2011 by kazkitty

So Tour de Fleece has come and gone again… so quickly! I failed at participating this year. I really only spun consistantly throughout the first week.. then sporadically for the rest of the tour. The weather here became hot and humid fairly fast, and we don’t have a/c at home. Just looking at fiber made me cringe.

I did complete the finn/milk fiber, and ended up with appx 215 yds of 2ply laceweight. Not sure what it wants to be yet.. maybe a cowl? I also spun up some of the CHF Forest Kitten batts on the Traveller, as well as the cashmere/silk and the silk on the support spindles. I even tried to make fauxlags to spin from!

TDF progress

At some point I will finish the batts and clear the wheel… as for the support spindles, I think I’m going to wind off and ply what I’ve done for sampling, and try to spin something else on them. I think the silk was just too long of a staple for me to attempt at this stage on the support spindle, and the cashmere/silk had too great a difference in the staple length within the blend for me to draft well. I should probably play with something easier to practice and learn with.

Yesterday was another trip to the Coventry Farmer’s Market. Kris asked me the other day if I wanted to make blueberry jam… my answer.. “heck yes!”

We bought some delicious and lovely blueberries at the market.

Then boiled them down with sugar and sure-jell for yummy jam.

We managed to fill the jars with minimal spillage!

Then relaxed with some knitting while it cooled. Gizmo however, didn't want to let me knit.

Final product ready for consumption!


Another fun project that yielded tasty results!

I had some this morning for breakfast on english muffin toast, and it was fantastic! Next jamming session will be hot pepper relish. 😀


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