Weekend Update

Published January 8, 2012 by kazkitty

So what did I do all weekend?

A whole lot of NOTHING. And it was glorious.

No work on Saturday meant sleeping in.. I did a little bit of cleaning, then spent the rest of the day watching episodes from Season 6 of Bones on Netflix while working on Spectra.. which now has 52 wedges! I’ve gone past the halfway point, which makes me sooooo happy.

Today I dug out my hops-a-lots and decided to work on those, prompted by a knit-a-long on the Tiny Owl Knits rav board. I finished knitting all the pieces, seamed and felted them today. They’re currently residing on the bathroom counter, drying. I hope they dry out fast.. I can’t wait to sew the little ears on and embroider details on them.

Bunneh slipper pieces!

Seamed and ready for felting.

I have also slooooooowly been working on some lovely BFL/Silk from Corgi Hill Farm. It was one of her Puff Packs, which consisted of 12 half ounce pieces in different colors. I finished plying a pretty gold piece on my moosie spindle, and started working on a purpley color on my Two Tails rosewood spindle.

Pretty golds with the Moosie

Lovely soft puffs!

I’m finding that I spin thinner on the spindes vs. the wheels, so I think the rest of the puffs are going to be wheel spun. I was originally going to use the resulting yarn for the hexipuff blanket… but I think I might make stranded mittens or something instead.

Enough lazying about for now.. it’s back to work tomorrow.. but there’s also SnB at our new location so I’ll have some more progress to show (hopefully) later this week.

Happy knitting!


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