2 New Things

Published February 5, 2012 by kazkitty

1. New Blog design! I was getting bored with the black background… I like this pink and purple much better. 🙂

2. I got a new bunny!

Edwin passed away the week before Christmas and Delilah has been looking really lonely. I’ve been in contact with the adoption place where I originally got her from to try and get a new bunny friend for her. I figured even if they don’t bond like her and Edwin did, at least she wouldn’t be by herself all day anymore.

One girl did write back and I met her at her place with Delilah to meet two of her boys. Delilah decided that she did NOT like either one and chased them away even though they were friendly towards her. She demanded grooming almost immediately and since they didn’t comply, she got mad. She clearly needs to be Queen Bee. After that, I have been trying to get in touch with the other woman that fosters the bunnies for this group, but she didn’t contact me back in over 2 weeks… and I was really hoping to adopt again.

At guild yesterday, a woman brought with her the most adorably fluffy English Angora bunny for sale. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him, especially after she let me hold him on my lap. He is absolutely mellow and sweet and I can’t help but hope that he might be a good friend for Delilah since his temperment is very close to Edwin’s.


Come on… look at that face… if you can find it beneath all his fluff!

Kris was Ms. Super Enabler and really tried to convince me to take him home. Not that my arm needed all that much twisting…


She gets to be his babysitter whenever I go away.

He’s settling in pretty quickly.. and him and Delilah are expressing some nosiness towards each other, although I’m not going to try and put them together for bonding sessions for a loooong time. They both need to get used to each other first. She has been really adorable poking her nose through her cage bars at him though.

He’s also nameless at the moment, but I think I’m going to end up going with Wicket… which is an Ewok name from Star Wars, because everyone (myself included) thinks he looks like an Ewok.


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