Published February 5, 2012 by kazkitty

Last Friday, I posted a teaser pic of my pretty new spindle. I meant to write a post bout her sooner… but I’ve been completely enamored with her and have been spinning on her bit by bit almost every day.

In the Bristlecone group on Ravelry, they had posted pictures of 17 gorgeous Glindles and Twindles (Glindles are support spindles with a glass tip and Twindles are support spindles with an austrian crystal tip) that they had woodburned and made to celebrate the Chinese New Year – Year of the Dragon. All the spindles were named after one of Jupiter’s moons. Four were given away in a random drawing.. I didn’t win… and the rest were put in the shop that same night. I tried my luck and managed to snag one! I would have been happy with any of them, as they were all amazing. As it was, I got one of the two Twindles! I was so thrilled since 1. I have been coveting their spindles for quite some time now.. and 2. It’s dragon related!

She came wrapped up in a pretty mini dress inside a silver bag, with lovely grey silk fiber inside another pretty little bag, and a chocolate (which Nico stole almost immediately).


Here she is after spinning some of the silk. I tested out all three of my spinning bowls, and she decided that she liked the Spunky Eclectic sheepy one the best. It makes sense… I mean, dragons love sheep, right?


She has the most beautiful yellow crystal to spin on…


I finished spinning the silk sample over the course of the week and decided to ply it on my Moosie. I ended up with about 100yds of light fingering weight. It varies in thickness.. my support spinning isn’t all that even yet, but I’ve been having fun practicing.


I’ve already got my next project planned for her… I decided to join in on the Spindle Candy Spinning Club on Ravelry. The idea is to spin from stash and show your progress each month.

For February I’m going to spin this Spunky Eclectic Merino Cashmere fiber (colorway Mermaid) that’s been sitting in my stash for a while. The colors make me smile every time I look at it.. it’s just so bright and pretty!



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