An update of sorts…

Published February 26, 2012 by kazkitty

Just when I thought I was doing well with the blogging, I forget for most of the month. In my defense, it has been one of those months… heck, it’s been one of those years so far.

Anywhoo… what have I been up to?

Well.. for starters, I’ve been playing with my lovely Dragon Twindle. My project for the month for the Spindle Candy Spinning Club on Ravelry was the 2 oz of Spunky Eclectic Merino/Cashmere in Mermaid.

I started off slowly…


And just kept spinning…

And spinning…

And somehow managed to fit all 2 oz on that little spindle.

Winding the plying ball took forever…

But I plied it on my Traveller and ended up with appx 360 yds of a light fingering weight yarn that’s super soft and squishy. I have no idea what I want to knit with it yet.. for now I’m pretty content to cuddle it.

I’ve also acquired another support spindle… a glindle this time. This was my Valentine’s Day prezzie to myself… that makes it ok, right? 😉

Empress of Hearts: Bloodwood with glass focal- came with her own spinning bowl

The focal has little white hearts and blue swirls all around the outside.

And if you hold it up to the light, you can see that the inside is a gorgeous blood red.

I haven’t really had much of a chance to play with her… the sample fiber that came with her somehow got thrown in the wash and felted.. I totally blame Nico, since it was in with his stuff. I do have a pretty Corgi Hill batt that I need to finish spinning, so at some point I’ll use that.

I haven’t been really knitting all that much.. just a few hexipuffs here, a few rows on Spectra there, and then some work on my Color Affection Shawl. I’m up to the last section with the short rows, and trying to wrangle three balls of yarn at once is a little annoying… but I know the end result is totally going to be worth it.

I’m using Woolen Rabbit Harmony Sock in Oh Ruby, Stormy, and Raven. I’m completely in love with the shawl so far, even if it’s nothing but miles of garter.

Almost done with section 2 at this point…

And it also make a good kitty blankie.

I’m trying to finish it before thursday, so I can join in right away for Malabrigo March. I have a few patterns lined up for that so far, and I’m going to be knitting only from stash yarn. More on that next post.

That’s all I’ve going on for now… hope everyone has a good week! 🙂


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