FO time!

Published March 18, 2012 by kazkitty

Whaaaaaat? I actually finished something?!

Try TWO somethings. 😉

Both are projects for Malabrigo March. That means I now have 2 of 4 projects completed… yay! I’m probably going to have to queue a few more though since I still have more Malabrigo to play with.

First up, I have Amalthea. It’s a pretty little shawlette with fringe, knit side to side. The fringe is knit as garter rows up the side, then unraveled at the end to create the loopy ends. I had a lot of fun knitting this, and I really loved the unique construction. I knit it with a little less than 2 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in the Nocturnal colorway.

When I first saw this pattern, I knew I had to knit it. Why? Because it’s a nod to one of my most favorite childhood movies: The Last Unicorn. During the movie, the unicorn is turned into a human, and she goes by the name Amalthea. And her eyes are the most gorgeous purple. I remembered I had this yarn hiding in my stash, waiting for the perfect project.. and BAM! I had it.

Here she is in the beginning stages:

Finished but not yet unraveled:

Being used as a kitty blankie:


Washed, blocked, and finished!


Project numero dos is a pattern called Camp Out Fingerless Mitts. I am a sucker for fingerless mitts. They’re just so darn useful… and quick to make. I used Malabrigo Seleccion Privada in K. This was yarn I got from a Stitch n Pitch a couple of years ago, and I’m still not too sure how I feel about the color..but hey, it was free Malabrigo!

The mitts were really easy to work up, and they’re super soft and cosy. I think they might be growing on me. 😉


The other two projects I have going on are the French Braid Cowl in Malabrigo Twist, color Azul Profundo


And the Jeweled Cowl in Malabrigo Lace, color Tuareg. The beads I found in my stash (5 tubes!) but I can’t remember what they were supposed to be for…. so they’re being repurposed. I like the matchy effect on the tuareg.


I already know this cowl is going to be one of those projects I HATE.. but will love the final result, so I’m determined to finish it.

My Color Affection Shawl has been put on hold until Mal March is over… not like I’m going to be able to wear it with the weather being so warm anyways.


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