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Sundays are for….

Published April 22, 2012 by kazkitty


At least that’s what I did so far today…

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing different crafty blogs, and stumbled upon In Color Order. She has a great blog, with lots of tutorials. I was taken by the cool/warm quilts and decided that I wanted to try quilting again. A baby quilt though.. nothing too big and crazy.

After browsing other people’s projects, and going through all the tutorials, I decided on a green/brown color scheme. I was also really inspired by this beautiful quilt.

Some hours later found me with these fabrics.


And after cutting and sewing all the blocks, I laid them out to look like this:
(I messed up on the upper and lower right hand sides.. I did fix it before I sewed it all together)

I forgot about it for a couple of weeks, focusing on finishing my Color Affection Shawl.. but today I dragged it out and finished the top.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get the backing fabric and batting.. and somehow figure out how to actually quilt this thing… it’s going to be a present for Nico’s nephew at some point.. maybe for his 1st birthday.

Since was too lazy to go out to JoAnn Fabric’s today to look for the backing fabric, I dug though the fabric stash and found a pretty combo to make a project bag. I used this tutorial from In Color Order.

I do like to try out different tutorials and ways of making little drawstring bags.. and I really like this one. It’s super easy and didn’t take too long.

I used coffee fabric left over from another bag I made, and used a light blue floral for the lining and ties.


I think it’s really cute, and I already want to make more. This one is going to be my new sock project bag. πŸ˜€


Color Affection

Published April 22, 2012 by kazkitty

My Color Affection is finally finished!!


This shawl is HUGE. It’s easily the length of our couch.. I didn’t carry the yarns quite loosely enough at the edges, so it curls in a bit.. but you’ll never notice when it’s being worn.


I love that it can be worn as a shawl or a generous scarf.




I knit it from Woolen Rabbit Harmony Sock Yarn in Raven, Stormy, and Oh Ruby. Originally I purchased them at Fiber Revival last year to make an Earth and Sky shawl.. or a striped cardi. The yarn was fabulous to work with, and I really like this color combo. I almost can’t wait for it to be cooler again just so I can wear this!

ECF: Super Spindle Edition

Published April 13, 2012 by kazkitty

More spindles?! Yup. More Bristlecone Glindles and Twindles to be precise.

As much as I keep telling myself I need to stop spending money.. I can justify this!

1. I had a birthday and now I’m 30. That means I get to buy myself something pretty. Plus I got birthday money to spend!

2. I had to have gallbladder surgery last week. So that means I get to buy something to cheer me up, right? πŸ˜‰

Anyways.. I had ordered these two custom twindles last month and they arrived yesterday with a Spring Glindle and and Easter Egg Glindle.

Kilala of course assumed the box was for her.

I opened it to find prettily wrapped packages.

Which contained 4 lovely support spindles, sample fiber to play with, and candy!

The first custom I ordered was a twindle based on “The Last Unicorn”. Mizpah was wonderful with her art and woodburned Amalthea on the spindle. And it had a pretty purple crystal to match the unicorn’s eyes.

Next, was my “Princess Bride” twindle.. I call it the “As You Wish” twindle, and it features Westley and Buttercup with a light blue crystal.

Sparkly! ♥

Then we have the Spring Glindle, Betty… which features a momma bird and her nest of eggs, with a beautiful floral focal.



And last, but not least.. the pretty polka dotted Easter Egg Glindle that I won in the Easter Egg Hunt. πŸ˜€
Bubblegum pink and covered in white spots.. it’s absolutely adorable!

My collection so far…

((I think I may have an addiction.. Spindleholics Anonymous anyone?))

Happy Anniversary Corgi Hill!

Published April 5, 2012 by kazkitty

One of my most fav shops to buy fiber from is Corgi Hill FarmΒ on etsy.

Anna dyes up the most gorgeous colors on so many different fibers.. it’s often hard to choose a favorite.

Right now, she’s celebrating three years! Many. many things have been put on sale in the shop (and have already been snapped up) but the celebration will go on until April 16th.. with regular friday shop updates. Which means tomorrow there will be new pretties to drool over!

Just to show you some of the lovely things… these are some of her fibers I have in my stash.

BFL in Tree Frog


Merino/Baby Camel/Silk in Kelmscott


Rambouillet in Spiral Nebula


Yummy yarn spun from Corgi Hill batts


Scarf woven from batt fiber and spun yarn

So seriously? Get on over there and get yourself some new stash! πŸ˜€