ECF: Super Spindle Edition

Published April 13, 2012 by kazkitty

More spindles?! Yup. More Bristlecone Glindles and Twindles to be precise.

As much as I keep telling myself I need to stop spending money.. I can justify this!

1. I had a birthday and now I’m 30. That means I get to buy myself something pretty. Plus I got birthday money to spend!

2. I had to have gallbladder surgery last week. So that means I get to buy something to cheer me up, right? 😉

Anyways.. I had ordered these two custom twindles last month and they arrived yesterday with a Spring Glindle and and Easter Egg Glindle.

Kilala of course assumed the box was for her.

I opened it to find prettily wrapped packages.

Which contained 4 lovely support spindles, sample fiber to play with, and candy!

The first custom I ordered was a twindle based on “The Last Unicorn”. Mizpah was wonderful with her art and woodburned Amalthea on the spindle. And it had a pretty purple crystal to match the unicorn’s eyes.

Next, was my “Princess Bride” twindle.. I call it the “As You Wish” twindle, and it features Westley and Buttercup with a light blue crystal.

Sparkly! ♥

Then we have the Spring Glindle, Betty… which features a momma bird and her nest of eggs, with a beautiful floral focal.



And last, but not least.. the pretty polka dotted Easter Egg Glindle that I won in the Easter Egg Hunt. 😀
Bubblegum pink and covered in white spots.. it’s absolutely adorable!

My collection so far…

((I think I may have an addiction.. Spindleholics Anonymous anyone?))


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