Ct Sheep and Wool

Published May 10, 2012 by kazkitty

I know, I know.. that was two weekends ago.. but I’m a forgetful blogger. 😉

It was a fairly nice day, although a little windy.. and the festival seemed a little smaller than usual. I heard that it wasn’t organized as well this year.. hopefully it’s back to normal next year. I picked up Tracy and Paula, and we met Jacie and Kris there.

I watched a sheep shearing (and missed the bunny shearing demo AGAIN).

The sheep didn’t look very happy afterwards.

Kris oohed and ahhed over all the fluffy fleeces.

Jacie and Tracy said NO. Fleece is smelly and annoying to clean. And full of poop. Who wants to deal with that? (I agree with them.. poop is icky)

It’s ok Kris.. one day you’ll get that fleece you’ve been dreaming of. 😉

In the meantime, play with that pretty new yarn you bought!

And go try on some funky hats!

This one is my favorite… Rawr!

It was a fun day hanging out with the grrls! And I was mostly good and only bought three lovely skeins of Sophia (MCN sock) from Ball and Skein in Rusty Nails. I’m planning on knitting a Featherweight Cardi from them.


We stopped by Rein’s Deli on the way home (so yummy!) and peeked into the yarn store and quilting store in the same plaza. I picked up a Jelly Roll of pretty Moda fabric in Hello Luscious and can’t wait to make a quilt out of it.

Another fun weekend outing! ❤


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