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Hello 2013.

Published January 1, 2013 by kazkitty

2012 has come and gone… and I can’t say I’m going to miss it. There were some ups, and far more downs than I’d like to see, and I’m definitely glad it’s time for a new year and a fresh start.

Last year, I didn’t make any resolutions, just a few knitting goals.

They were:

– Finish Nico’s Brigade sweater. – HAHAHAHA I don’t think I even picked this up all year… FAIL.

– Finish the sweater and blanker for baby Dario. – Blanket has gone AWOL… actually so has the sweater.. whoops. But I did sew him a cute little quilt, so we won’t call this a total fail.

– Finish my Spectra scarf.  – I’ve worked on it here and there, but it’s still not finished…

– Weave more on my loom. – I’ve played with it a bit, but haven’t finished anything… FAIL.

– Spin more from my stash. – Spinning definitely got thrown by the wayside this past year… oops.

– Knit more from my stash. – I didn’t finish that many things this year.. but I actually did pull mainly from stash.

– Work on Hexipuffs. Goal is at least 15 a month.. 30 would be preferable.  – Uh… major FAIL on this… I think I only knit 4 or 5 the whole year.

– Knit myself a sweater. (or two) – I started one… does that count?

– Knit myself another pair of socks. And maybe a pair for Nico as well. – I started these too… Socks for me are 1/4 of the way finished.. Socks for Nico are almost 1/2 finished…

– TRY not to purchase yarn and fiber… – Um… NO COMMENT. (Rhinebeck kicked my butt)


Hmm.. ok. I am clearly very bad at keeping goals. I think for this year, I’m just going to try and finish things. I think I may have to set up a Finish or Frog It system for myself.. my WiPs are getting out of control!

Ah well.. Here’s to 2013! The year where I’m going to just do what I want, live well, laugh lots, and spend tons of time with loved ones.