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Published May 14, 2012 by kazkitty

I’ve been slowly working on the new quilt, cutting most of the sections I’m going to need, and have been piecing the blocks together bit by bit.


I’m completely in love with this fabric… the colors, the prints.. everything. Like an idiot, I cut the first few pieces too small (MEASURE TWICE, STUPID), but I *think* I’ve managed to fix that in the sewing. Crossing my fingers that nothing falls apart…

While searching for something in my sewing bins, I came across a bag of blue and green fabrics. Some were already cut into shapes, and the rest was bigger pieces. Puzzled, I pulled it out and tried to remember what I had been attempting. A quilt of sorts, I imagine.. but it had to have been at least 5 years ago (probably longer than that) that I had begun working on whatever this was.


Being me (slightly insane, and likely to make stupid choices), I had the “brilliant” idea that I wanted to make hexagons. Yes! Little tiny hexagons that I can take with me and make anywhere.. then piece together later. A portable sewing project!

But wait.. this is starting to sound familiar…

Oh yeah.. that’s because I’m already doing the same thing in yarn.

And I’ve only been working on that project since AUGUST. I never learn, do I? And why do I have this crazy obsession with hexagons???

At least I’m making some progress on the hexipuffs… I’m up to 71 now.

I found the little hexagon templates at Jo-Ann Fabrics. And they were on sale! 50% off! They were calling to me, I swear.

Come on… look how cute they are…

I know.. I think I’m starting to lose it too…

But I’ve still been knitting. Making slooooooow progress on the Jeweled Cowl. Beads + Mal Lace = Pretty awesome.. but a slow knit.

And I’ve been spinning!

Spunky Eclectic Club Fiber (Merino/Bamboo), colorway Beach Day. Currently being spun on the Bristlecone St. Patty’s Day glindle, and Dragon twindle.

Corgi Hill Farm Merino/Yak in Marsala. Currently being spun on the Bosworth Moosie.

I’ve got plans for more knitting projects.. just want to get some of this older stuff finished up first. I also have to pick out some pretty fiber to spin for Tour de Fleece, which will be coming up soon. Can’t wait for that to start!